Step 1: Pick your Plan

Whether you're looking for a flexible starter home to accommodate a growing family, a house for a sloping lot, or one that facilitates modern modular construction, Thinfill Homes has design solutions for these scenarios and many more. Browse the Plan Gallery now to find the right Thinfill Home for you. 


Step 2: visit it virtually

Once you've picked a Thinfill Home Plan, see it come to life in an interactive virtual environment with stereo panoramas, video walkthroughs, and standalone exports that enable you to virtually experience every square foot of the plan to ensure it's exactly what you want your new home to look and feel like.


Step 3: select Selections

Following your virtual visit to the Thinfill Home of your choice, personalize your project with finish selections utilizing the professionally curated Thinfill Homes Selection Catalog to guarantee your choices are coordinated, stylish, durable and affordable.


Step 4: Download Your Docs

Now that you've Picked a Plan, Visited it Virtually, and Selected Selections, you're ready to download your Thinfill Design Documents complete with contractor friendly construction drawings, specifications, and additional resources that builders can use in bidding, permitting and building your new Thinfill Home.