Thinfill FAQ

What is Thinfill?

Thinfill (Thin Lots + Infill Homes) is the transformation of thin infill lots into extraordinary new homes and is an Online Platform dedicated to helping Homebuyers & Builders design, develop and build their own Thinfill projects.

Why Consider a Thinfill Home?

Is a Thinfill Home right for you as a Homebuyer or your customers as a Builder? 

Here are 3 Reasons to Consider a Thinfill Home

  1. Think Thinfill because you want a Home Close to Everything: Designed specifically to accommodate the thin infill lots most common in Streetcar Suburbs, Thinfill Homes are suited for locations minutes away from downtown job centers and steps away from local restaurants, shops, schools, churches and parks.
  2. Think Thinfill because you crave a Home Full of Contemporary Amenities:  With Open Floor Plans, Master Suites, Energy Efficient Construction, and Quality Finishes standard, Thinfill Homes cater to today's modern lifestyles while allowing for future flexibility as technology and households evolve over time.
  3. Think Thinfill because you desire New Home Construction that is Priced for Middle-Class Professionals: Utilizing the principles of elegant simplicity to reduce up-front costs by maximizing efficiencies of square footages, materials and building systems, Thinfill Homes are custom designed and proven to be affordable  for working class families and individuals (Not to mention the added long-term savings from lower utility bills and the real estate tax abatement programs often associated with new construction)

How does the Thinfill Homes' Online Platform Help Homebuyers & Builders?

The Thinfill Homes helps Homebuyers & Builders transform thin infill lots into extraordinary new homes in several ways:

  • The Thinfill Home Design Center (Coming Soon): Unlike typical stock floor plans that provide little more than an exterior rendering and lines on paper, Thinfill Home Plans are created using State-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that give Homebuyers the ability to virtually walk through every square foot of a home prior to construction and Builders the ability to do real-time material take-offs and 3D coordination of trades to ensure accurate up-front pricing and minimal surprises during construction.
  • The Thinfill Guidebook (Coming Soon):  Acquiring a Lot, Planning, Constructing & Occupying a New Thinfill Home can be an overwhelming process. The Thinfill Guidebook provides digestible step-by-step instructions, questions to ask, tools and resources for Homebuyers & Builders to clarify and simplify the process.
  • The Thinfll Blog (Coming Soon):  Staying current on the latest home design trends, construction techniques, and technology innovations is a constant challenge, which is why the Thinfill Blog exists as a way to help Homebuyers & Builders stay updated on the latest Thinfill Happenings through a curated collection of articles, videos, and project case studies.